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Copper Beryllium [Réf : CuBe ]

Copper beryllium is an age-hardening alloy, which attains the highest strength of any copper base alloy. It is a fragile alloy, lighter, albeit 6 times more resistant than aluminium.

It is a ductile, weldable and machinable alloy. It has good thermal conductivity (greater than tool steel) and resists non-oxidizing acids.

It is highly permeable to X-rays and releases neutrons when hit by alpha particles, like those released by radium and polonium.


We provide different copper beryllium alloys:

We provide copper beryllium in different shapes:

  • Copper beryllium coils
  • Copper beryllium sheets
  • Copper beryllium bars on request
  • Copper beryllium wire on request

In different hardnesses :

  • Annealed copper beryllium
  • Hardened copper beryllium (H11, H12, H13, H14, H15) 

Ouir coil possibilities :

Thickness: 0,08mm upwards (other dimensions on request).

Customised width on request.

Internal diameters : 100mm / 300mm / 400mm / 508mm (other diameters on request)

Minimum Quantity Order : 50 grams (according to thickness and stock).

Please get in touch for any other request.