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Bronze [Réf : CuSn ]

- Bronze is essentially a copper and tin based alloy, although the term is sometimes wrongly being used  to refer to other copper-based alloys.

- Industrial bronze alloys contain between 3 and 20 % of tin. Certain bronze alloys can contain a higher percentage of tin, however they will have a very specific use, such as the making of bells (which contain 20 to 25% of tin). 

- Bronze alloys are often used in foundries, because of their high aptitude to casting. Moreover, they have a high resistance to corrosion, as well as a good resistance to wear and high mechanical properties.

- With a good electrical conductivity, bronze alloys are naturally used in the manufacturing of springs, electrical contacts, and washers in the mechanical, electrical and electronics industries.

We provide different bronze alloys :

  • CuSn4P       
  • CuSn6P        
  • CuSn8P
  • CuSn9P
  • CuSn3Zn9 "bronze chrysocale"
  • Tinned bronze
  • Others on request

We provide bronze alloys in different shapes :

  • Coils
  • Sheets
  • Bars
  • Rods
  • Wires

In different hardnesses :

  • Annealed
  • Hard-tempered(H11, H12, H13, H14, H15)

Our coil possibilities :

Thickness: 0,05 microns to 3mm (other dimensions on request)

Customised width on request

Internal diameters : 100mm / 300mm / 400mm / 508mm (other diameters on request)

Minimum order quantity : 50 grams (according to thickness and stock)

Please get in touch for any other request.