Transformation Feuillard Service

Our Know-How

Customised processes : unrolling, slitting, packaging, rolling, and the possibility of managing your stock and custom manufacturing.

Our specific service: TFS can process the slitting of strips with a width ranging between 1000mm and 2mm with a thickness of 3mm to 0,05mm. In regards to rolling we deal with strips with a thickness ranging between 3mm to 0,08mm and widths between 400mm and 15mm.

Our sizes : The inner diameters of our coils are as follows 80mm / 100mm / 200mm / 300mm / 400mm and 508mm.

A built-in Laboratory

TFS has provided itself with a control laboratory in order to improve all its products and ensure on-site quality control.

This applies both to products delivered to customers and service provision. Such rigour allows us to deliver CCPU analysis certificates and audit all NFA French Standards and EN European Standards.

Our laboratory is equipped with tools to analyse and check our products such as:

  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • Spectrometers: Assess the chemical composition of metals
  • Tensile Testing Machine: Give the metal’s precise mechanical properties in regards to stretching, Rm, or Rp.
  • Microscopes

In order to adhere to our constant quality commitments, TFS can deliver full traceability for the service it provides, storage, and the transporting of raw materials.
TFS transforms, distributes, and stocks all types of standard non-ferrous metal strips such as copper, brass, bronze, aluminium…
Though the company can adapt to and deal with requests outside its day-to-day trading activities – its core business centres around rolling, slitting, and surface treatment.

  • Cold-Rolling

    Rolling is a manufacturing process by plastic deformation.
    The deformation is a result of continuous compression between two powerful cylinders.

    This process allows us to :

    • Create non-standard sized strips
    • Create many different hardened metals
    • Correct straightness and undulation defects.

    We can create a range of different characteristics ranging from annealed metals to H17 hardened metals, with thickness ranging from 0,05mm to 3mm – using the quality of our stocked materials.
    We can also deal in the rolling of your own ferrous and non-ferrous metals – whether your stock is managed by us or not.

  • Slitting :

    Slitting consists of transforming a basic coil into several other coils of varying widths and lengths.

    Our strip slitters are capable of transforming materials with a minimum thickness of 0,05mm up to a maximum of 3mm; with widths ranging between 2mm and 520mm.

    For a strip thickness below 0,05mm, please contact us beforehand.

    TFS can also take care of the levelling and sheet-cutting of your coils whatever the size of your order.

  • Surface Treatment :

    TFS also deals in the metal industry’s key surface treatment methods such as :

    Tinning :

    Coating materials with tin gives them protection against corrosion and offers good electrical conductivity as well as improved weldability. Tinning also improves the quality of insertion and limits friction.

    Silver Plating :

    Coating materials with silver gives them a bright radiance and adds remarkable contact and insertion properties making this an exceptional choice for electrical conductivity.

    Copper plating :

    Coating with copper improves the material’s weldability and provides great protection against corrosion.

    Nickel Plating :

    This coat offers protection against corrosion whilst making it more suitable for brazing, wire-bonding, and die-bonding.

    Traitement de surface